OK, I know that Donald Trump lying is not exactly breaking news. I agree. But as his lies get more fantastical and dangerous, I think we need to remind ourselves once in a while that it’s not OK for the president of the United States to lie and keep getting away with it. He’s not a doddering old relative, he’s the guy supposedly running the country who also has the nuclear launch codes (which, fortunately, he hasn’t tweeted out yet).

Trump’s lies are so transparent he seems to lie like a sixth-grader (apologies to sixth-graders everywhere). Take his favorite lie/anecdote now: the women bound with tape in vans that speed across the border. He has referred to electrical tape, duct tape and “blue tape.”

It turns out that a Border Patrol bigwig emailed agents asking if they had any stories of tape being used in this way. You know, so they could stick some real facts on Trump’s lie. Apparently, there was a resounding “huh?” from agents in the field. It seems that there is a frequent mad dash within the administration to find facts that match with the president’s lies. Talk about a hard job

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