With the death of an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy in Border Patrol custody on Christmas Eve and the Trump administration still whipping people into a fervor about the evil hordes to the south, this animation from three years ago is, unfortunately, still timely.

The phony “War on Christmas” seems to be about forcing Christianity down people’s throats. I’m all for Santa and, more importantly, Jesus, but it seems that the same people defending Christmas from some phony war are the same ones who would bar Jesus, Mary and Joseph from coming into the U.S.

I know they’re not Muslims, but they’re pretty damn suspicious if you apply the standards of the keep-everyone-out crowd. I’ve already commented (and will probably continue to comment) on the anti-American nature of barring an entire religion from entry into the United States. ISIS likes this sort of thing, remember?

We should be much more worried about a War of Religions than the War on Christmas. (But, hey, it’s good for cable news ratings, apparently.) Enjoy the cartoon, Happy Holidays and I’ll be back here next week.