Once again, Republicans are caught without an alternative to their nemesis, Obamacare. After the Trump administration supported a legal fight to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, President Trump began to wage a campaign to make Republicans the “party of health care.”

Trump assured the nation that Republicans were sooooo close to the most incredible, tremendous, stupendous health care program that would be cheaper, better and more awesome than the evil Obamacare. After the trouncing Republicans suffered in the midterms (in large part because of their stance on health care), Trump’s allies in Congress were loath to take up health care yet again— in part because they didn’t, um, have a plan.

Never fear, the Tweeter-in-Chief declared that the stupendous Republican plan that will make us all healthier and richer would be unveiled after we all voted for Republicans. If you want great health care, just vote for the party that has been trying to strip away decent health coverage for years, right? 

Thankfully, Trump just succeeded in putting health care front and center for the 2020 campaign. Enjoy the cartoon— and if you want prints, behind-the-scenes goodies and to kindly support my work, come visit me over on my Patreon page!