Now that President Trump has finished the State of the Union, how about a little executive time? When a White House source leaked Trump’s daily private schedules to Axios, you could see that around 60 percent of his schedule was devoted to “executive time.” This is time when the president is in the White House residence, watching TV, making phone calls and generally hanging out.

Rather than discouraging this aimless and slacker behavior in Trump, we should be encouraging it. In fact, let’s give him as much executive time as he can handle. Why impeach him or invoke the 25th Amendment when we can just keep the famously distractible president otherwise occupied? Think of all the awful things he won’t be hard at work doing.

If Trump had been executive-timing, we wouldn’t have a new raging right-winger on the Supreme Court right now. If he had been executive-timing, thousands of migrant children wouldn’t have been ripped from their parents’ arms. You get the idea. I’m all for executive time, the more the better. Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to come on over and visit me on my Patreon page!