Is it okay to talk about climate change now? We should probably check with EPA head, Scott Pruitt, who said that we shouldn’t be talking about climate change during a hurricane. It’s probably “too soon” still. Maybe we should wait for a nice, clear, sunny day to ask Pruitt about climate change?

His pals in the oil and gas industry might think a snowy Friday around a holiday would be better, it’s hard to tell. While Pruitt and the EPA say it’s “insensitive” to talk climate change during floods and disasters, they seem to think it’s just fine to attack journalists’ credibility. They have plenty of time for that— never too soon for attacking reporters or those hoax-loving climate scientists!

I find it amazing that thousands of scientists supposedly work together to further the “hoax” of manmade climate change. Ugh. Enjoy the cartoon, and stop by and see me over on my Patreon page sometime!