Neocon Mea Culpas

Feb 20, 2006
Francis Fukuyama, one of the leading neocon intellectuals who argued the case for the Iraq war, admits in a blockbuster N.Y. Times Magazine essay that it is "very hard to see how [the removal of Saddam Hussein, and a few spillover benefits] justify the blood and treasure that the United States has spent." Andrew Sullivan, another leading pro-war conservative, echoes Fukuyama's comment and points out three areas where neocons were tragically wrong.

Guess Why Cheney Came Out of Hiding

Feb 20, 2006
It apparently wasn't the vice president's sense of duty to the country that precipitated his sit-down interview with Fox News. It was the president, no dummy when it comes to PR, who made Cheney sit down in front of the cameras, according to Time magazine.

Today in the Media War Against Al Qaeda

Feb 20, 2006
Rumsfeld says that we're losing the media war against Al Qaeda, on the same day a militant website posts a new tape by Bin Laden, in which he vows never to be taken alive. In perhaps unrelated Al Qaeda media war news, Batman cartoonist Frank Miller says that the caped crusader's next foes will be Bin Laden's henchmen.

Surprise, Surprise: Ethics Reform Stalling

Feb 20, 2006
Figuring that public indignation over the Jack Abramoff scandal will soon dissipate, Republicans in Congress are dragging their feet on promised reform measures. Unfortunately, this will probably work--because an indignant populace is sort of like a villain in a James Bond movie: We vow to stamp out a source of aggravation; we put the machinery in place for doing so; we flip the switch; and then we leave the room on the nave assumption that our plan is escape-proof. It'd be funny if this weren't, like, our government we're talking about.

Deadly Cartoon Protests Roil the Globe

Feb 19, 2006
The cartoon-fueled hysteria continues unabated: In Libya: 10 die in the bloodiest protests yet In Russia: Authorities shut down a newspaper that printed a tame cartoon of Muhammad, along with other religious figurescom/2006/02/18/nyregion/18protesthtml" title="In Manhattan:">In Manhattan: 1,000 protesters rally in front of the Danish consulatecom/2006/02/19/international/europe/19cartoonhtml?_r=1&oref=slogin" title="In Italy:">In Italy: An official quits after wearing a T-shirt with the controversial Muhammad cartoons Update: 16 Killed in Nigerian cartoon protests, along with five this week in Pakistan Hey, Muslim centrists/moderates, if you want to do something to quell this insane violence, now would be a pretty good time to do so.