Protesters at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. (Michael Nigro / Truthdig)

The 2016 Democratic National Convention was in Philadelphia on July 25 to July 28. Truthdig had six team members reporting on the ground — Editor in Chief Robert Scheer, columnist Chris Hedges, contributor Sonali Kolhatkar, cartoonist Mr. Fish, photojournalist Michael Nigro and assistant editor Alex Kelly — along with three editors in our newsroom headquarters in Los Angeles. Experience all of Truthdig’s coverage from the Democratic convention below.

DAY 1 Multimedia Live Blog: From Boos to Everyone Loves Hillary Clinton Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention started with chaos and ended with Bernie Sanders endorsing the former secretary of state. Will his supporters follow his lead?

A Lens on the Democratic Convention: Dispatches from Philadelphia on Day 1 Photojournalist Michael Nigro provides an on-the-ground perspective from the convention.

Video/Photo/Illustration: Democratic National Convention Demonstrators Led by Chris Hedges, Cornel West Demonstrators march from Philadelphia City Hall down Broad Street. Alex Reed Kelly captures video footage of the march, originally streamed live on Facebook. Mr. Fish then creates an illustration based on the footage. Photojournalist Michael Nigro captures snapshots of the scene.

Video: Thousands Demonstrate Outside Democratic Convention, With Some Arrests Sonali Kolhatkar joins a massive group of demonstrators just outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to record the sights and sounds of dissent against the Democratic Party.

Video: Truthdig Speaks With Sanders Delegates on First Day of the Democratic National Convention Sonali Kolhatkar interviews Bernie Sanders delegates on how they feel about Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation and how they plan to show their dissent at the convention.

Video: Protesters Take to the Streets of Philadelphia in ‘March for Our Lives’ Sonali Kolhatkar reports from the march organized by the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and interviews protesters. Chris Hedges gives a speech.

Cartoons/Illustrations Mr. Fish: Pride Walk The illustration is of a lone marcher along the Pride sidewalk on Broad Street. The most intriguing aspect of the moment, aside from the protester’s isolation and odd spelling of Hillary Clinton, was the fact that he was wearing only one sock.

Mr. Fish: CVS The illustration is based on a series of photographs that Alex Kelly took while trapped inside the CVS across the street from the Democratic National Convention and a thunderstorm raged outside. This was a private moment between two drenched protesters whose Bernie Sanders sign resonated beautifully with all the other surrounding signage. The woman was carrying roses.

DAY 2 Multimedia Live Blog: Hillary Clinton Clinches the Democratic Nomination The second day of the Democratic convention began with many hefty questions still unanswered. But by the afternoon, Hillary Clinton had made history as the nation’s first female presidential nominee from a major party.

A Lens on the Democratic Convention: Legitimate Anger in Philadelphia The protests on the streets are far more organized, populated and energized than anything we saw in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

Video: Bernie Rebels Are Fed Up With Democratic Party’s Corporate Values Some Sanders supporters still do not like Hillary Clinton, and even though she is the Democratic presidential nominee, they are not going to follow the senator’s lead and vote for her.

Video: Jill Stein Says ‘Floodgates Opened Into Our Campaign’ After Bernie Sanders Endorsed Hillary Clinton Sonali Kolhatkar caught up with the Green Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, who managed to gain entry to the Democratic convention—and gain a significant security detail.

Video: Bernie Sanders Inspires Millennials Who Now Refuse to Go Along With the Party Line Sonali Kolhatkar talks to a young Sanders delegate while attending the California delegates meeting.

Live Video: Thomas Frank and Robert Scheer on the Democratic Party Establishment Hillary Clinton “really believes” that “Wall Street banks are in fact run by fine, upstanding individuals who are opening up the doors of possibility for the poor people of the world,” the author of “Listen, Liberal” told Truthdig at the Democratic convention.

Live Video: Robert Scheer on Democratic Party Failures and Progressive Solutions The Truthdig editor in chief explains how past economic failures have created the need for a truly progressive Democratic Party.

Columns Chris Hedges: The 1 Percent’s Useful Idiots Bernie Sanders, by capitulating to the corporate machine, sold us out. By calling on us to accept “reality,” he mocked the reality his followers made possible. We will have to carry out the political revolution on our own.

DAY 3 Multimedia Live Blog: Balancing Unity, Positivity and the Threat of Trump Top speakers, including President Obama, called for party unity and optimism to combat any chance of a Donald Trump presidency.

A Lens on the Democratic Convention: Neoliberals vs. Progressives It’s a tug of war. Bernie Sanders let go of the rope. Elizabeth Warren, too. And yet the “I’m With Her” crowd cannot believe that anyone on the left is not voting for Hillary Clinton.

Video: Uber Gets Special Treatment in Philadelphia, Thanks to the Democratic Party Until two weeks prior to the Democratic convention, Uber was illegal in the city, but the ride-sharing company cut a deal with the parking authority and Democratic National Committee.

Video: Bill Clinton’s Convention Speech About Hillary Clinton Was Filled With Inaccuracies Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) co-founder Jeff Cohen dissected the former president’s 43-minute talk and found many of the policy claims he made to be wrong.

Video: Are Progressives Failing to Put Their Ideas Into Action? Sonali Kolhatkar and journalist Arun Gupta consider what’s different about this Democratic nomination summit and question the direction some among the political left are taking — or not taking.

Live Video: Chris Hedges and Jill Stein Speak at Socialist Convergence During Democratic Convention What should progressive-minded citizens do after everyone leaves Philadelphia? Our Truthdig columnist and the Green Party presidential candidate share their thoughts.

Cartoons/Illustrations Mr. Fish: Graffiti at Marconi Plaza The Democratic convention had many signs of protest in Philadelphia. This illustration offers a comment on the state of resistance in the United States.

Mr. Fish: A Nonpolitical Moment of Humanity at Dilworth Park in Philadelphia This illustration shows children playing in the fountains at at City Hall to remind us what is poetic about who we are, as people, as compared to what we pretend to be, as partisans.

DAY 4 Multimedia Live Blog: Live Blog: Hillary Channels Bernie to End Democratic Convention The Democratic presidential nominee has been known as a polarizing figure for most of her public life. She took a step toward being a uniter to close the convention.

A Lens on the Democratic Convention: Two Americas The Democratic and Republican conventions showed the great divide between insiders and outsiders. If what was happening inside a political convention could be merged with what was happening outside, perhaps such gatherings would be more representative of our country.

Live Video: Robert Scheer, Jeff Cohen, Norman Solomon on Dissatisfied Delegates The Truthdig editor in chief sat down with two special guests — the longtime political activist/author (Solomon) and FAIR founder (Cohen) — to discuss dissatisfaction among Bernie Sanders’ delegates.

Video: Code Pink Activist Kicked Out of Democratic Convention Medea Benjamin explains how Ariel Gold, a Code Pink activist, was kicked out of the convention hall for protesting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Video: Activist Shines Light on Clinton’s Dirty Foreign Policy in Honduras Sha Grogan Brown explains how neither of the major-party candidates represents the interests of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance members.

Video: A Working-Class Fisherman Travels to Philly, Rooting for Bernie Inspired by the Sanders political revolution, John Ainsworth left his home in Rhode Island to protest at the Democratic convention.

Video: Norman Solomon on the Dynamics Between Political Parties and Movements The writer, activist and media critic spoke with Truthdig contributor Sonali Kolhatkar.

Video: Former Philadelphia Police Capt. Ray Lewis Speaks Out on Poverty in His City The retired officer was one of the thousands of activists who participated in demonstrations outside the Wells Fargo Center.

Cartoons/Illustrations Mr. Fish: This Is What a Sedate Police Force Looks Like This illustration shows police officers moving through Franklin D. Roosevelt Park, where convention protesters camped just outside the Wells Fargo Center.

Mr. Fish: Serve With Cheese This illustration shows how progressivism has been put through the metaphoric meat grinder by the Democratic Party.

Mr. Fish: The Mural of the Story On Day 3 of the convention, visitors to Philadelphia’s City Hall courtyard were invited to express themselves and create huge murals that demonstrate the power and significance of art.

Columns Sonali Kolhatkar: How the Democratic Party Befriended Megacorporation Uber for Its Convention It’s no mistake that the Democratic Party, which historically has claimed a stake in labor unions’ interests, has cozied up to Uber, one of the least worker-friendly businesses, to service its national convention.

POST-CONVENTION Columns Sonali Kolhatkar: Disruptions by Angry Bernie Sanders Delegates Were the Best Part of the Democratic Convention The Vermont senator’s supporters provided vital reminders of reality amid the carefully orchestrated political theater.


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