You may recall Dixville Notch, N.H., from past elections or perhaps that “West Wing” episode that highlighted the mini-village’s unusually prescient midnight voting. This year nine people who used to live there, but don’t really, showed up to pick candidates. Mitt Romney and Jon Hunstman each got two votes. Obama got three.

The Washington Post describes the farce:

While the results are expected to be certified by New Hampshire’s secretary of state, the whole affair was, with all due respect to a hospitable citizenry, a bit of a fraud. None of the voters actually live in Dixville Notch.

The grand old resort closed in October for renovations, and the new owners gave the more than 300 employees a severance package. Tillotson and his parents, Thomas and Debra, do own a home on the property but spend much of their time in Boston. The others have moved away to find work in other places. The state allows residents to retain their most recent place of registration, and so the sturdy loyal nine all trooped here to do their duty.

And so these nine people faked it for a crowd of 200 journalists. Welcome to the 2012 election. — PZS


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