The French government has announced a plan to prevent housing displacement and the creation of “ghettos for the rich” in the capital; apparently, watching “The Colbert Report” made some people more conservative; meanwhile, the principles of the 1910 Mexican Revolution are being revived by the protest movement inspired by the Ayotzinapa students’ disappearance. These discoveries and more below.

Paris Wants to Keep Central Neighborhoods From Becoming ‘Ghettos for the Rich’ The French capital has announced a plan to stop housing displacement in gentrifying neighborhoods. It might be the most radical proposal Europe has seen.

Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Movies Bambi: The biggest and the strongest are the fittest to rule. This is the way things have always been. —Four stars.

NY DA Gives Unlicensed Driver Who Killed Senior in Crosswalk a $400 Fine Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance brokered the $400 penalty for Kristin Rodriguez, an unlicensed driver who struck and killed 66 year old Keiko Ohnishi as she was crossing the street.

Pen Pals: A Sony Story On Wednesday, Sony was scrambling to cope with the fallout from the incendiary emails posted by Gawker, the tabloid news site, that revealed an ugly internal battle over “Jobs,” an Aaron Sorkin-scripted biopic of the Apple co-founder.

Violence in Mexico, the U.S. Connection and the New Mexican Revolution The disappearance and likely massacre of 43 students from the rural teachers’ school of Ayotzinapa in Mexico September 26 has provoked shock and outrage internationally.

A Strange New Gene Pool of Animals Is Brewing in the Arctic Scientists have seen the future and it is “grolar bears.”

A Sydney Artist’s Playful Street Signs Interrupt the Mundane “I would like the viewer to reorient themselves and think about the space they inhabit with others,” says Michael Pederson.

Watching Colbert Makes Conservatives Even More Conservative After nine years hosting one of the most popular comedy programs on air, it’s hard to remember a time when Stephen Colbert might have been mistaken for the kind of conservative commentator he satires.

After Sony With hackers threatening violence at movie theatres, Sony Pictures Entertainment this week cancelled the release of “The Interview,” a buddy comedy about journalists who assassinate the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The Unidentified Queen of Torture For the past eight months, there has been a furious battle raging behind closed doors at the White House, the C.I.A., and in Congress.

The Cold-Medicine Racket There are now hundreds of flashy “cold and flu” products, but still only a handful of simple, cheap ingredients. Here’s one new way to cut through the noise.

Complicating the Network: The Year in Social Media Research Journalist’s Resource sifts through the academic journals so you don’t have to. Here are 12 of the studies about social and digital media they found most interesting in 2014.

The Uniquely Awful Role of Sheldon Adelson in the Israeli Election As the contest for who will lead the nation takes shape, the classic right-wing charge of pervasive, hostile media bias was splashed in giant tabloid type across the front page of the daily Israel Hayom last Friday.

Americans Are Sick to Death of Both Parties — Why Our Politics Is in Worse Shape Than We Thought The way many pundits tell it, the Democratic debacle in the 2014 midterm elections sounds like a perfect storm of bad breaks.

Amazon ‘Suppresses’ Book with Too Many Hyphens Graeme Reynolds’s novel High Moor 2: Moonstruck was withdrawn when the site decided 100 hyphenated words in 90,000 ‘impacted the readability’ of the book.

Mom Calls C-SPAN to Yell At Her Arguing Pundit Sons Oh my Lord, shut it down, here is the greatest moment in the history of C-SPAN: A (very Southern) mama called into one of their shows to yell at the guests.

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