Obama and Hu Play Up the Positive

This week’s challenge for President Obama: diplomacy in the face of possible adversity, on both the domestic and international fronts. As the House of Representatives was considering a repeal of his hard-won health care reform law on Wednesday, Obama was dealing with the delicate task of hosting his Chinese counterpart, President Hu Jintao, in Washington and discussing some potentially contentious issues of both the social and economic persuasions. –KA

Los Angeles Times:

In a historic joint news conference between the leaders of the world’s two major economic superpowers, President Obama and President Hu Jintao of China on Wednesday pledged cooperation on trade, business, human rights and intellectual property issues while downplaying the underlying tensions between the two nations.

As the two took questions from American and Chinese reporters, the White House announced a series of agreements that will increase U.S. exports to China by $45 billion and will support more than 230,000 U.S. jobs, Obama said.

“A positive, constructive, cooperative U.S.-China relationship is good for the United States,” Obama said.

He said that neither country should “view every issue through the lens of rivalry.”

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