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Jeremy Corbyn Changes the Face of British Politics, Shows Socialism Is Appealing to Voters

    Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party gained in the election called by Prime Minister Theresa May, whose Conservatives lost seats. (Garry Knight / CC0 1.0)

    Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party gained in the election called by Prime Minister Theresa May, whose Conservatives lost seats. (Garry Knight / CC0 1.0)

This week’s Larry’s List is dedicated to the U.K. Labour Party leader and his incredible achievement in the recent general election, which dismantled the tired establishment trope that the left is unelectable.

The Ground Beneath Corbyn’s Feet
Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, running on a radical leftist manifesto, has surpassed the expectations of everyone apart from its strongest supporters.

‘Inspirational’ Corbyn Offers Blueprint for Our Party, Say Left-Leaning Democrats
Progressive Democrats hail U.K. election result while Bernie Sanders says Labour leader’s success shows ‘people are rising up against austerity and inequality.’

What the Heck Just Happened in Britain?
And could it happen here?

The Millennials Are Moving Left
Labour’s success in the British election is part of a growing trend across Western Europe and America. What’s motivating it?

Jeremy Corbyn’s Achievement
In many different parts of the U.K., Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party exceeded expectations against Theresa May’s Conservatives.

London’s Richest Neighborhood Just Voted Labour. That’s Astounding.
Theresa May’s Conservatives received a shocking drubbing in the U.K. elections. The results from one affluent London enclave offer a clue about why.

The Facts Proving Corbyn’s Election Triumph
Watching the BBC’s coverage of the election, you could be excused for taking away two main impressions of the recent results.

The Punishment of Theresa May
British voters knocked over the trap the prime minister tried to set for them.

How Jeremy Corbyn Moved Past the Politics of 2016
Many people were blamed, last summer, after the citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, but the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who had been a squishy and tepid opponent of Brexit, was blamed more than most.

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