For about a decade, radical Jewish settlers have been carrying out terrorist attacks on Palestinians; Donald Trump may have accomplished one good thing with his presidential campaign; and Obama’s been bragging about how many countries he’s bombed. These discoveries and more below.

Bernie Sanders Secures First Endorsement From National Trade Union Backing from National Nurses United throws significant muscle behind Democratic candidate challenging labor movement favorite Hillary Clinton.

Michigan Lawmaker Won’t Resign After Claiming Sex With Male Prostitute A Michigan state lawmaker is refusing to resign after he sent an email in which he falsely claimed to have had sex with a male prostitute, allegedly in order to cover up an affair with a woman.

Israel’s Jewish-Terrorist Problem Early on a Friday morning at the end of July, two masked men entered Duma, a Palestinian village in the West Bank, where they smashed the windows of two houses, threw firebombs inside, and fled.

Humans Should Be Able to Marry Robots The Supreme Court’s recent 5–4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges legalizing same-sex marriage across the United States has already spawned speculation about “what will be next” in expanding marital rights.

Science Says Your ‘Gut Feeling’ Isn’t a Metaphor The brain’s powers are a little overrated.

RIP ‘LOL’: Online Laughter Is Now All ‘Haha’, ‘Hehe’ and Emoji It’s official: LOL is dead.

Psychologist Openly Admits He Trains Police Officers to Shoot First and Ask Questions Later For years, to any observer of police brutality, the idea that officers were shooting people first and asking questions later was a foregone conclusion.

The Dangerous Game of Reporting on Government Spying Operations Most people in the United States have probably never heard of the popular German news site until this month.

The Problems With an Exclusive Club that Grants ‘Membership’ to the Art World A new, savvy strategy for marketing the modern and contemporary art scene has appeared.

Too Fragile to Open, World’s Oldest Multicolor Printed Book Is Digitized Cambridge University Library recently added selections from its Chinese collections to its Digital Library site.

‘Israel Would Be Embarrassed If It Were Known It’s Selling Arms to These Countries’ Itay Mack, a Jerusalem-based human rights lawyer and activist, seeks greater transparency and public oversight of Israel’s military exports.

What Illinois Kept Secret As Hillary Clinton has learned the hard way, using your personal email account when doing government work doesn’t make the content of those emails exempt from public records laws.

Why Are Dogs So Insanely Happy to See Us When We Get Home? Unlike a certain companion animal that will go unnamed, dogs lose their minds when reunited with their owners.

Trump’s Triumph: Billionaire Blowhard Exposes Fake Political System Last night’s FOX News GOP Presidential Debate Extravaganza featured the most riveting two-minute political exchange ever heard on national television.

Obama Boasts That He’s Bombed Seven Countries President Obama yesterday spoke in defense of the Iran deal at American University, launching an unusually blunt and aggressive attack on deal opponents.

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