Columnist: Tillman Article Emblematic of Antiwar Anger in Military

MSNBC columnist Chris Dickey reports on the growing phenomenon of antiwar sentiment bubbling up among those in uniform, like a U.S. general, and those just fresh out, like Kevin Tillman.

  • Related: Check out this story on 65 active-duty soldiers petitioning Congress to end the occupation of Iraq.

  • MSNBC:

    … [T]here is one common theme in the anger you’ve heard of late, and it’s the outrage that the people who have watched this disaster unfold before their eyes — up close and personal — feel for the politicians who have never been held responsible for the horrors they’ve loosed upon Iraq, America and the world.

    We have reached the point where men of experience and wisdom can no longer contain themselves, even if in the end they allow their politician bosses to spin them back into line.



    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sixty five active duty service members are officially asking Congress to end the war in Iraq — the first time active troops have done so since U.S. invasion began in 2003.


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