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'Bernie Bros' Phenomenon Debunked in New Poll

Bernie Sanders. (Phil Roeder / CC BY 2.0)

We interrupt the usual Larry’s List format for an analysis by Larry Gross, followed by the customary catalog of news links from around the web. 

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, here are Bernie Sanders’s favorable/unfavorables:

Women: Favorable: 50%; Unfavorable: 34%
Men: Favorable: 46%; Unfavorable: 42%

Blacks: Favorable: 70%; Unfavorable: 10%
Latino/as: Favorable: 55%; Unfavorable: 21%
Whites: Favorable: 43%; Unfavorable: 45%

So Sanders has higher favorables and lower unfavorables among blacks and Latino/as than among whites. And higher favorables and lower unfavorables among women than among men.

Either you have a very robust theory of false consciousness to explain this or maybe you should reconsider the idea that Bernie speaks only to and for white bros.

Oh, and his favorability among Democrats is 76%. Higher than Gillibrand (25%) and higher than Oprah (69%).

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Larry Gross
Larry Gross is a longtime contributor and a Truthdig advisory board member. Truthdig also features items from his blog, "Larry's List" in our Ear to the Ground. A specialist in the areas of media and culture,…
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