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July 26, 2017 Disclaimer: Please read.

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‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ Helps Brings Awareness of Climate Change to a New Generation

The follow-up documentary to the surprise 2006 hit is half environmental update and half celebration of all things Al Gore.
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Justice Department Announces New Funding Rules in Attempt to Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities

The news came the same day President Trump called undocumented immigrant gang members "animals" in a xenophobic speech in Ohio.
Wong Maye-E / AP

64 Years After the Korean War, the North Is Still Digging Up Bombs

Decades after it ended, the conflict is still yielding thousands of leftover explosives—virtually all of them American.
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The Academy Award-winning screenwriter, director and producer will sit down with Truthdig’s editor in chief today at 7 p.m. PDT to discuss his Showtime series and book, “The Putin Interviews.”

In a new episode of “Scheer Intelligence,” host and Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer talks with Brian Knappenberger (pictured) about his new documentary on billionaire Peter Thiel’s takedown of Gawker Media. Transcript added.

Transgender People Cannot Serve in ‘Any Capacity’ in the U.S. Military

On Wednesday, the president announced via Twitter that transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the military, citing medical costs and “disruption.”

Senate Republicans Fail to Pass Two of Three Obamacare Repeal Options

Tuesday’s progress gives way to Wednesday’s quagmire for Senate Republicans in their repeal-and-replace quest. (Pictured, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.)

‘Detroit’: It Looks Like Vietnam, but It’s the USA

Director Kathryn Bigelow turns the tragic events of July 1967 in Detroit into a tense suspense film—while illuminating how the central conflicts of that time remain highly volatile.

Live at Truthdig: Actor James Cromwell on Citizen-Led Climate Action

On Thursday, July 27, at 1 p.m. PDT, Cromwell (pictured) will discuss his fight against power plants fueled by fracked gas and take questions from the audience.



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Amid the Blaring Headlines, Routine Reports of Hate-Fueled Violence

Documenting Hate, a project by a coalition of news organizations, is sustaining a focus on incidents of racial, religious or sexual prejudice. (Pictured, malevolent graffiti is removed.)

Russian Punk Band Pussy Riot Is Creating an ‘Immersive Theatre Project’

The work, based on the band’s experiences in court and while imprisoned for its art, is part of a campaign for prison reform, member Nadya Tolokonnikova (pictured) tells Truthdig.

Senate GOP, With an Assist From Vice President Pence, Pushes Its Health Care Bill to the Next Round

Several Republican senators, including John McCain, ended up siding with their party after keeping colleagues—and concerned voters—in suspense.

How to Build a Global Movement to End Mass Killing

The path to a more peaceful world begins by universalizing resistance to militarism.

A Veteran ICE Agent Speaks Out: ‘We Seem to Be Targeting the Most Vulnerable People’

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official, who chose to remain anonymous, adds that he sees more “contempt” in the agency’s culture under the Trump administration.



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The Trillion-Dollar ‘National Security’ Budget

Between Pentagon waste and the U.S. record of misguided wars, it’s clear that much of this spending isn’t making anyone any safer.

Mexico’s Drug War Is Bloodier and Bloodier

Homicide records are being broken in the United States’ southern neighbor, and American hands are far from clean.

Tensions Over Mosque in Israel Could Impact Jordan

Incidents at the Aqsa Mosque (pictured)—perhaps the world’s most sensitive religious site—are followed by violence at the Israeli Embassy in the Jordanian capital.

Has the Moment for Environmental Justice Been Lost?

Facing Trump’s proposals for cutting programs that help minorities and the poor, Democrats scramble to make up for missed opportunities to protect them.

Robert Mueller’s Probe Is Key to Exposing Trump’s Abuse of Power

Without the investigation—and how it is forcing the president to play defense—the Trump agenda might be closer to full realization.