VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Protester Demands Hillary Clinton Account for 1990s ‘Superpredator’ Remark

A courageous Black Lives Matter activist named Ashley Williams interrupted a private fundraiser by Hillary Clinton in Charleston, S.C., to ask why the Democratic presidential candidate called black children "superpredators" in a speech she gave during her husband's presidential administration.

“OK, fine, we’ll talk about it … Can I talk?” Clinton snapped at Williams in response. “Do you want to hear the facts or do you just want to talk?”

She then told Williams that she never addressed the matter because she was never asked. As Williams was being removed from the room, Clinton told the crowd she was getting “back to the issues.”

Clinton has been widely expected to collect a majority of black votes in the upcoming Democratic primary in South Carolina. A number of black activists, artists and intellectuals have been pointing out Clinton’s history of support for policies that have deeply wounded the black community, including mass incarceration and the taking away of welfare. They have been urging blacks to support Sen. Bernie Sanders instead.

In the video below, hear the “superpredator” remark referred to by Williams.

—Posted by Alexander Reed Kelly.

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