Russell Brand: London’s Grenfell Tower Fire Is ‘Terrorism’ of a Different Kind (Video)

Speaking about the conditions and politics behind the fiery destruction of Grenfell Tower, a London housing structure, Russell Brand says, "Austerity is not frugality, it is brutality. It is violence." The two sentences are part of a poignant post the "Trews" host wrote and read aloud on a recent episode of his YouTube show. Click here to see the video or watch below.

Brand says:

The Grenfell residents were sacrificed for greed and comfort. This burning tower and the screams of its residents are an urgent call for change.

When I first saw the image, like a well trained citizen, I thought ‘terrorists’. And of course, in a way, it was. Surely for the occupants it felt like terror. Like a horrific assault that they could do nothing about in spite of trying to prevent it. I don’t imagine that as they were immolated they thought “Well at least this fire was caused by corrupt landlords and a complicit government”.

These terrorists can only be beaten by defiance, disobedience and solidarity. By direct involvement in politics and by supporting progressive leaders that want real change and are willing to confront the powerful. Perhaps then this tragedy may have a meaning beyond corruption and neglect, it could be a chance to tear down the facade and face up to the world we are living in.

The death toll from the fire remains unknown.

— Posted by Natasha Hakimi Zapata

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