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Dec 3, 2005
I would agree that things in China have gone far better than anyone predicted during the dark post-1989 days But, what explains that success? Good visionary planning? Strong leadership? A national psyche exhausted by any kind of turmoil? Good luck? The danger is that even the best economy tends to be cyclical, and it is far from clear that China has the political legitimacy, deeply enough rooted political institutions, or shared set of values to help it survive a downturn As to Wintermute and whether Taiwan is worth fighting for I personally do not believe that any functioning democracy is worth throwing over the side to keep some other sort of the peace - commercial or otherwise We Americans forget.
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China: Boom or Boomerang

Dec 3, 2005
At the same time that China is recording huge increases in trade surpluses and currency reserves, deadly riots are breaking out on the outskirts of some of the country's largest cities. In this Dig, scholar Orville Schell challenges the current wisdom about China being an inevitable superpower and unstoppable economic force.Schell challenges the current wisdom that China is an inevitable superpower and unstoppable economic force.

Righteous Opportunism

Dec 1, 2005
Speaking of religion, the current controversies over same-sex marriage are mostly derived from the hostility of religious institutions to the inclusion of lesbian and gay people in the "sacred institution" of marriage.

Inside Chavez’s Venezuela

Nov 30, 2005
Sharmini Peries, foreign policy advisor to Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, talks about Latin America's most contentious leader -- and thorn in Washington's side -- since Fidel Castro.

Scheer: Brought to You by the NRA

May 13, 2000
The National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers are right -- if George Bush is elected president, they've got it madeThe gun sellers who want to add to the national supply of 200 million guns in civilian hands have broken off negotiations for new safety measures in the hopes of a kinder Bush administration Only last week, NRA First Vice President Kayne Robinson boasted that if Bush wins the White House, "We'll have a president where we work out of their office -- unbelievably friendly relations".