Nabbed Package Bomb Had Merkel’s Name on It

Nov 3, 2010
On Tuesday, another parcel bomb aimed at a high-level European leader -- this time German Chancellor Angela Merkel -- was intercepted as it made its way to Germany from Greece. Greece was the point of origin where other pieces of explosive mail were discovered recently before or after detonation.
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U.S. Targets American Imam al-Awlaki

Apr 7, 2010
Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is a US citizen, but he's also wanted -- dead or alive -- by the U government The CIA has been given the go-ahead to target al-Awlaki, who's now in Yemen, and to capture or kill him for allegedly threatening his home country.

U.S. Sending More Troops to Yemen

Jan 28, 2010
The Pentagon is planning to ramp up the number of U.S. special forces troops in Yemen, pointing to the botched Christmas Day attack on Northwest flight 253 as part of the impetus for the increase. It's not clear yet how many more American troops will be sent over, but the boost will be significant, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Presidential Posturing Isn’t Getting the U.S. Anywhere

Jan 13, 2010
President Barack Obama is said to feel he is in trouble politically because his enemies in Congress and among the Washington journalists who decide what the "mood" of Washington is on any given day say he is not tough enough.President Obama is said to feel he is in trouble because his enemies in Congress and among Washington journalists say he is not tough enough.

Grand Jury Indicts Abdulmutallab

Jan 7, 2010
Well, that was fast: A U.S. grand jury indicted Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, he of the explosive unmentionables on Northwest Flight 253, on six counts Wednesday. Charges against the 23-year-old Nigerian included attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted murder.

U.S. Halts Transfer of Gitmo Prisoners to Yemen

Jan 6, 2010
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US government has decided that now is not the best time to transfer Yemeni detainees back to their homeland from Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba More than 80 Yemeni prisoners -- almost half of the entire group at Gitmo -- will stay put for the time being, as the situation between the U and Yemen remains tense.

Closing Time in Yemen

Jan 3, 2010
Both the UK and US temporarily closed their embassies in Yemen "for security reasons" on Sunday after increasing concern about al-Qaida threats in the capital city of Sana'a Yemen has been under heightened scrutiny after the 2009 Christmas Day attempt to blow up a U airliner was traced to the Middle Eastern country.