Blah Blah Blah

Jun 10, 2011
I suddenly started to worry that the only threat hippies might pose to the dominant culture nowadays was the personal-injury lawsuits they were likely to file from accidental falls due to uneven pavement. “I’m gathering my wa,” he said, his eyes closed like he was Charlie Parker listening to the bebop rhythms of the universe, his mind awash in Gravy.

Empathy for the Devil

Mar 18, 2011
I first saw the massive spread of twinkling lights that is Los Angeles at night from the San Gabriel Mountains in the early 1990s while visiting from Philadelphia. It was stunningly beautiful and made me think of a phone interview that I’d heard on CNN a year earlier just after New Year’s during the Gulf War.I was no more moral than anybody else. Only arrogance and conceit will ever tell you any different.
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CPAC 2010: Festival of Whites

Feb 23, 2010
Last weekend's big right-wing clusterf summit meeting, CPAC 2010, brought out the bright, white stars of conservative America, many of whom conjured up some creative labels for their enemies on the left, including this gem from Mitt Romney: "Liberal neo-monarchists." Huh?