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SAG Strikes Out

Dec 22, 2008
The Hollywood-centric “Membership First” faction that has controlled the Screen Actors Guild’s national board for most of the last five years chooses tactics -- misinformation, tough talk and over-promising -- that undermine the union’s credibility.

Hollywood Writers Back in Action

Feb 13, 2008
After weeks of striking, the Writers Guild of America has struck a deal with Hollywood honchos, ending the protracted impasse between scribes and studios and allowing the stalled wheels of the entertainment industry to creak back into motion on Wednesday.

Eisner: Strike Is Over

Feb 8, 2008
He's not the head honcho at the Mouse House (aka Walt Disney Co.) anymore, but Michael Eisner claims firsthand and reliable knowledge that the writers' strike is over. He says a deal was struck between the WGA and studio execs late last week and will take effect within days.

The ‘Daily Show’ Must Go On

Jan 10, 2008
After a (seemingly endless) hiatus, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are back on Comedy Central, even as striking writers continue to picket outside the network's mothership Here, "Daily Show" correspondent John Oliver endures a heated confrontation with himself, actually, as he covers the strikers outside the show's studio.

Colbert and Stewart on the Comeback Track

Dec 22, 2007
If Comedy Central headliners Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert indeed return to television Jan. 7 -- the eve of the New Hampshire primary, as fate (or whatever capricious force controls networks' holiday scheduling practices) would have it -- they'll probably have to stage their comebacks without their trusty and witty writing teams.

WGA Strikers to Return to the Table Nov. 26

Nov 18, 2007
An end may be in sight for striking television and film writers and their studio bosses if negotiations, now set to resume Nov 26, are effective However, WGA West President Patric Verrone cautioned union members to stand their ground in an e-mail titled "Don't Break Out the Champagne Just Yet".