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Virginity Pledge? What Virginity Pledge?

Jan 1, 2009
A new study looking at virginity pledges -- promises made by teenagers to wait until marriage for sex -- has found that such vows largely fell flaccid, as sexual behavior of pledged teens was little different than non-pledgers, and that, hilariously, a whopping 82 percent, five years later, had either forgotten or denied taking the pledge.

The 42-Year-Old Virgin

Oct 13, 2006
A 42-year-old Ithaca, N.Y., woman dedicated her virginity to Jesus in a Catholic ceremony so rare that even her priest didn't know it existed. (Story or check out Association of Consecrated Virgins)

PBS Kiddie Show Host Fired Over Sexy Spoof Videos

Jul 26, 2006
The PBS KIDS Sprout network has fired the host of "The Good Night Show" upon learning that she appeared seven years ago in videos called "Technical Virgin," which dealt satirically with anal sex and masturbation PBS's president said the videos "undermine [the host's] credibility with our audience" Link to the videos in question.