Myanmar Court Gives Reuters Reporters 7 Years in Jail

Sep 3, 2018
The verdict against the two men under the country's colonial-era Official Secrets Act is met with international condemnation. Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo had been reporting on the government's brutal crackdown on Rohingya Muslims.
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Stevens Won’t Back Down

Oct 28, 2008
Even as his conviction has politicos rethinking Senate filibuster math, Ted Stevens of Alaska says he'll fight the verdict and continue campaigning for re-election. It's not all bad news for the longest serving Senate Republican -- and you really can't make this up -- the Senate doesn't ban convicted felons.

Sentenced to Die Over a Download

Feb 19, 2008
Sayed Parwez Kaambakhsh, a 23-year-old Afghan student, has been sentenced to death for blasphemy because of an article he downloaded from the Internet. The verdict has aroused outrage around the world, and top U.S. and European officials have spoken with the Afghan government. However, some worry that international pressure could back Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the nation's religious fundamentalists into a corner and therefore ensure that the execution is carried out.

Saddam Hussein Sentenced to Death

Nov 5, 2006
Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death for crimes against humanity. Reactions to the verdict illustrate the sectarian divisions that have become so familiar in Iraq, with celebrations erupting in Shiite and Kurdish areas while some Sunni neighborhoods turned to violent protest. Truthdig classic: Juan Cole on Saddam's trial