trent lott

Dinner With Ahmed

Mar 17, 2008
As we approach the fifth anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, I find myself thinking back on how we got ourselves into this predicament As I examine where we are today and contemplate our future and those who are positioning themselves to play a role in Iraq, it seems to me that there is at least one such incident, a dinner party I attended at the home of Ahmed Chalabi in June 1998 that is worthy of a more public illumination.

2009 Southern California Journalism Award: Online News Story, Feature, Series or Package

Trent Lott to Resign

Nov 26, 2007
The Senate's second-ranking Republican is expected to announce that he will resign by year's end. Trent Lott's health is fine, but he wishes to pursue "other opportunities," a congressional official said. Lott famously put his foot in his mouth in 2002 when he said the country would have been better off had Strom Thurmond won his segregationist bid for the presidency. Update: Money and politics are likely to blame (or thank).
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Bigot Returns to Senate Leadership

Nov 15, 2006
Sen Trent Lott was just elected to the No 2 spot in the GOP Senate leadership Remember: He was driven out as Senate majority leader in 2002 for apparently praising Sen Strom Thurmond's racist, segregationist policies Read about that, and watch the video.