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Study Exposes Teen Sexting Myth

Dec 6, 2011
What's with those teenagers sending around photos of their privates? It turns out they're just a fantasy. A new study asked kids whether they had created and sent sexually explicit images of themselves (rather than the vaguer "do you sext?") and only 1 percent said "yes."

The Last Weiner

Jul 5, 2011
For some light holiday reading, we offer this satirical little ditty composed by Larry Beinhart, the wordsmith who wrote the novel that gave birth to the movie "Wag the Dog" At last, a winning solution to one of our nation's most compromising and costly political problems" .

Nation of Weiners

Jun 18, 2011
There is a culture gap in this country, between people who are happy to enjoy what's left of their privacy and people who just don't think about it. It is outrageous that Weiner's Twitter foul cost him his job when we take rampant corruption in Washington for granted.

Rep. Weiner Resigns

Jun 16, 2011
Rep. Anthony Weiner followed the political playbook closely in dealing with his own sexting scandal: First, deny all wrongdoing. If that doesn't work, start making vague concessions and/or backroom deals. Next, hold news conference, apologize completely and go to rehab.