samuel alito

Halfhearted Filibuster Attempt Ends Predictably

Jan 31, 2006
The Senate confirms Alito as the nation's 110th Supreme Court justice after the hastily conceived filibuster attempt of Sens Kerry and Kennedy | storyBuzzflash: "There is no 'center' support for Alito's actual positions There's just support for an image the Republicans createdof a harmless guy with a wife driven to tears" | editorial.

Kerry Calls for Alito Filibuster

Jan 27, 2006
Pulling this off would be the ultimate hat trick. Republicans reportedly need only one more Democrat on their side to force a vote. | storyPeople for the American Way are supplying a form letter urging key senators to join Kerry in his filibuster.
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Alito Leaves Door Open to Reversing ‘Roe’

Jan 12, 2006
The nominee signals he might revisit the abortion ruling. | storyIn an editorial, the New York Times says that Alito has "given the American people reasons to be worried." | editorialAlso, in a heated exchange, Ted Kennedy spars with Arlen Specter over Alito's membership in a discriminatory Princeton club. | video

The Alito Nomination

Jan 10, 2006
Follow the paper trail on Samuel A. Alito Jr., President Bush's Supreme Court nominee. Do his judicial opinions and decisions indicate how he would influence the court's ideological balance?