robert novak

You Can’t Always Veep Who You Want

Jun 18, 2008
Conservative columnist Robert Novak has reported that John McCain wants to make Joe Lieberman his running mate, but knows that he can't for political reasons. That hypothetical ticket, possibly the least charismatic ever, would at least afford Lieberman the opportunity to complete his journey to the dark side.
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Clinton and Obama in ‘Scandal’ Feud

Nov 19, 2007
Conservative columnist Robert Novak initiated a scuffle between the Clinton and Obama campaigns over the weekend by reporting that "agents" of Hillary Clinton claimed to possess "scandalous" information about Barack Obama. Obama promptly accused the Clinton campaign of trying to "Swift-boat" him and demanded that the front-runner come clean.

Libby Trial May Put Cheney, Press in Hot Seat

Jan 16, 2007
I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's Plamegate trial finally gets started on Tuesday, promising to reveal the polluted secrets of a dishonest and opportunistic Washington elite. Expect to see Dick Cheney, the first sitting vice president to testify at a criminal trial, squirm as lawyers and witnesses discuss the administration's cherry-picking of intelligence.

Armitage Was CIA Leak Source, Lawyer Confirms

Aug 30, 2006
Richard Armitage, Bush's former deputy secretary of state, has confirmed through a lawyer that he was the original source in the CIA leak case. But he says he had no malicious intent. He was just gossiping with reporters. How does this fit in with the theory that the Bush White House leaked Valerie Plame's name as a revenge ploy against her husband? (Jump to find out.)

Novak Names Sources in CIA Leak Case

Jul 12, 2006
Columnist Robert Novak revealed for the first time, in a column to be released Wednesday, that both Karl Rove and former CIA spokesman Bill Harlow had confirmed Valerie Plame's status as a CIA agent He said that this occurred only after another administration official first supplied him with the info This is not a huge deal, relatively speaking, but certainly of interest to Plamegate junkies .