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‘Leave the Shooters Until Last,’ Gates Urges

Jun 6, 2011
Ahead of policy deliberations in Washington, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates argued for a modest approach to the U troop drawdown in Afghanistan that will begin next month He favors the removal of support forces in a strategy that would leave as much "combat power" in place as possible until the war's end .

General Passed Over for Giving Obama Advice

May 31, 2011
President Obama nominated Gen Martin Dempsey on Monday to take over as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the top military adviser to the president Obama's first choice for the job, according to The Washington Post, was Marine Gen James Cartwright, who was reportedly denied the promotion for (more).

Attack of the Drones Begins in Libya

Apr 22, 2011
On Thursday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirmed that President Obama has given the go-ahead for U.S. forces to send armed Predator drones to Libya. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney officially disapproves of Obama's strategy vis-a-vis the Libyan conflict.

With Libya, Sec. Gates Puts His Foot Down

Apr 1, 2011
There's a lot of talk coming out of Washington, but Defense Secretary Robert Gates assured Congress on Thursday that the Pentagon's mission in Libya is "much more limited" than regime change and said American troops would not be sent to the country, even in a training capacity, "as long as I’m in this job."