ray odierno

‘Colbert Report’ Invades Iraq

Jun 9, 2009
Stephen Colbert, in a hilarious outfit, has taken his show to one of Saddam Hussein's old palaces in Baghdad to entertain the men and women of the U.S military. Watch President Obama order Gen. Ray Odierno to give Colbert's coif a military makeover. Update: Full videos added.
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Top U.S. General in Iraq Says U.S. Won’t Be Invited to Stick Around

Mar 11, 2009
Gen Ray Odierno, the top US commander in Iraq, said he doesn't expect the Iraqi government to ask U troops to remain beyond the 2011 deadline "I think that the Iraq leadership is focused on that this ends in 2011," Odierno told the Associated Press If security allows, the number of U troops to be withdrawn this year will increase 3,500 (one brigade) over the number of 12,000 previously announced, the general said.

Odierno Takes Petraeus’ Place in Iraq

Sep 17, 2008
On Tuesday, Gen. David Petraeus handed over the duties of commander of multinational forces in Iraq to his second-in-command, Gen. Raymond Odierno, who worked with Petraeus on implementing the U.S. troop surge over recent months. To mark the occasion, Petraeus, other American officials and Iraqi brass joined Odierno for a ceremony in a Baghdad-area palace formerly owned by Saddam Hussein.

No End in Sight

Jun 17, 2007
It's now five months into the US troop "surge" in Iraq, and although Defense Secretary Robert Gates (center) claimed during his visit to Baghdad this weekend that it's still too early to tell if the surge is working, one U military higher-up, Lt Gen Raymond Odierno, admitted that only 40 percent of Iraq's capital city is consistently safe .