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Can Gays Help Save Marriage?

Aug 1, 2013
The rapid evolution of attitudes toward gay marriage is a wonder to behold. On few issues has public opinion moved as quickly or decisively. Many who are against the formal recognition of homosexual unions are now resigned to the reality they will eventually become commonplace.
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Why Politicians Listen to Public Opinion on Gay Marriage and Guns but Not the Economy

Mar 31, 2013
Recent polls show Americans would rather reduce the deficit by raising taxes than by cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education and transportation. Yet Congress seems incapable of making that kind of deal. Some 65 percent of Americans want to raise taxes on large corporations, but both parties are heading in precisely the opposite direction.

Scattered Violence Kills 21 in Afghanistan

Aug 22, 2010
At a point when news from the Afghanistan war seems to be at its worst ever -- low public support in the US, record-level casualties and falling confidence in NATO's mission -- new bad news tells of at least 21 people being killed, including U troops, children and Afghan security force members, in a span of only 48 hours.

Six in 10 Against Afghan War

Aug 20, 2010
The shelf life of the war in Afghanistan seems to be nearing expiration, with roughly four in 10 Americans now backing the nine-year effort, a decline in support that echoes the fact that eight in 10 believe the conditions in Afghanistan will remain the same or worsen over the next year.

Poll: Economy Gets Nine Thumbs Down

Apr 18, 2008
A poll by The Washington Post-ABC News reports that nine in 10 Americans rate the economy negatively, with a majority of those polled believing it to be in "poor" shape. Support of the U.S. war in Iraq is also down, with six in 10 Americans rejecting the administration's argument that the conflict is an effective defense against terrorism.