Bush Pitches ‘Return on Success’ Plan

Sep 14, 2007
In a preview of Thursday's speech, President Bush lays out his "return on success" plan for bringing troops home (though the meaning of "success" is unclear), discusses the Iraqi government's progress (and lack thereof) in meeting its goals, and insists that "the success of a free Iraq is critical" to America's security.

Iraq by the Numbers with Petraeus

Sep 11, 2007
Opening his testimony before Congress on Monday with the insistence, "I wrote this testimony myself," and adding that his Iraq progress report hadn't been vetted in advance, Gen David Petraeus trotted out figures and charts to argue that "the military objectives of the surge are, in large measure, being met".
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Iraq: Three Years In

Mar 19, 2006
It's the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq Where do we stand? The NY Times calls the undertaking a miserable, botched fiasco Iraq's former interim prime minister calls the sectarian violence "civil war" An LA Times reporter says that Bush is working to lower expectations in Iraq Donald Rumsfeld, writing in the Washington Post, sees the occupation through rose-colored glasses A BBC reporter gives a "glass-half-full / glass-half-empty" reading, but the headline uses the word "bleak".