Occupy Movement Invades West Coast Ports

Dec 13, 2011
Protesters successfully shut down some operations in three major ports spanning the Western United States on Monday. Coordinated action in Washington, Oregon and California was designed to interfere with commerce, bolster the spirits of the evicted and -- why not? -- inconvenience Goldman Sachs.Protesters successfully shut down some operations in three major ports spanning the Western United States on Monday.
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Tu Shalt Not Pasar

Feb 12, 2010
Calling back memories of the Falkland Islands war, Argentina has blocked a cargo ship from leaving one of its ports after suspicion arose that the vessel would supply oil drilling equipment to the British-occupied islands. The Argentines allege that the ship was trying to aid in an "illegitimate" search for oil and gas.

100-Hour Agenda Steams Along

Jan 10, 2007
House Democrats are on a legislative roll, but the security bill they just passed by a wide margin is expected to meet with tougher opposition in the Senate. The legislation would implement recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission, including beefing up port security.

Congress Declares War on Ports Deal

Mar 9, 2006
The House committee votes 62-2 to block the White House from allowing the UAE to acquire six major US ports At the same time, however, Senate Republicans handed the president a victory by approving a plan to allow Bush to spy without warrants The New York Times says "rebellion" is in the air, but that's mostly because of the ports The spying program, although under some Senate control, is basically a win for Bush.

Warnings on Terrorist Infiltration of UAE Never Addressed

Mar 4, 2006
We learned last week that the Coast Guard had warned of terrorist infiltration of the UAE, the country angling to take over control of major U.S. ports. The White House assured us that those warnings had been addressed. Now Sens. Collins and Lieberman are charging in a sharply worded letter that the warnings were never addressed. How many more lies will emerge from the murky depths of this port-deal fiasco?