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Thinking Dangerously in Dark Times

Apr 28, 2017
In view of a relentless attack on the truth and on the ethical imagination, it's crucial for Americans to uphold critical thinking and hold authority accountable.

VIDEO: Why Idealism Isn’t Just for Dreamers

Sep 27, 2015
In today's political world, idealism is seen as the enemy of realism and getting things done. But, British journalist Gary Younge argues, idealism is absolutely necessary for society to continue progressing into the world we want to see. It's what makes things that seem impossible today the reality of the future.

TED, Reconsidered

Jan 1, 2014
Ah, TED talks. They boast the veneer of prestige, the promise of innovation, and many have gone viral seemingly irrespective of the actual merit of their content. What gives?