Mitt Romney to Launch Senate Campaign

Feb 14, 2018
The former Republican presidential candidate will release an online video Thursday announcing he's running in Utah for the seat held by Orrin Hatch, who plans to retire.
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Conservatives Blame Obama for Sending Allegedly Gay Ambassador to Libya

Sep 18, 2012
Conservative blogs are saying U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was gay and shouldn't have been sent to the Middle East; Google's censorship of the controversial anti-Muslim video proves Web companies have more power than governments; meanwhile, a Stanford University study claiming organic foods are useless is being called fraudulent. These discoveries and more after the jump.

Postgrad Elites Control Political Debates

Jul 4, 2012
Trying to sort out the status of Obamacare can be tricky thanks to our dysfunctional leadership class; Republican state Sen. Marty Golden wants to teach Brooklyn's women "the art of feminine presence"; meanwhile, a group of Mormons quits the church in a mass ceremony in Utah. These discoveries and more after the jump.