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Pete Buttigieg Is the Past

Oct 16, 2019
He may be the youngest candidate in the race, but as Tuesday’s debate made clear, the mayor's politics are as cynical as they are stale.

Truthdigger of the Week: Anonymous Obamacare Explainer

Feb 10, 2013
Mindful of the bewildering complexity of the issues they report, the best journalists are also teachers who patiently explain the deep meanings and consequences of their findings in language literate audiences can understand. With the Affordable Care Act going into full effect in less than a year, a detailed lesson on how it will impact many Americans' finances is urgent.With the Affordable Care Act going into full effect soon, a lesson on its financial impact is urgent.

Congress Might Actually Make a Payroll Tax Deal Soon

Feb 15, 2012
It's remarkable how political infighting in Congress can be resolved by a healthy dose of bad news from opinion polls. On Wednesday, the outlook for the Obama-supported payroll tax cut and jobless benefits bill that has been contested for months was suddenly better, and the timing was no accident. Above, Sen. Max Baucus, one of the legislative bargainers.
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Public Health Before Wall Street Wealth

Oct 14, 2009
There is an odd disconnect between the furious public debate over health care reform, with its emphasis on the cost of an increased government role, and the nonexistent discussion about the far more expensive and largely secretive government program to bail out Wall Street. The health care debate has become a convenient distraction from the far more pressing issues surrounding the banking meltdown.

Snowe Helps Baucus Bill Pass Committee Hurdle

Oct 13, 2009
Maine's Olympia Snowe explained her vote for health care reform by saying "when history calls, history calls." It called, she answered, and now the Senate Finance Committee's Baucus bill, which would force Americans to buy health insurance without offering a public option, is off to get married to the more progressive Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee bill.Max Baucus' health care bill has passed the Senate Finance Committee, with the help of lone wolf Sen. Olympia Snowe.

Bribe, Vote, Repeat

Oct 13, 2009
The votes of lawmakers are so routinely purchased by corporations that it takes a scandal of unusual proportions to generate news coverage.With corporate cash habitually sloshing into campaign coffers, it takes a scandal of unusual proportions to generate news coverage.

The Poor Will Have to Wait for Health Care Help

Oct 12, 2009
Democrats have lousy timing, according to the AP: "Under the Democratic bills, federal tax credits to help make health insurance affordable for millions of low- and middle-income households won't start flowing until 2013—after the next presidential election. But Medicare cuts and a sizable chunk of the tax increases to pay for the overhaul kick in immediately."

Obama Pressures Senate on Public Option

Oct 5, 2009
Like a reluctant Sisyphus, the president is still pushing the public option up Capitol Hill According to a report in the L Times, Obama has been trying to sell moderate Democrats on the idea That's no easy task, as many have taken gobs of money from the private health industry and coincidentally oppose meaningful reform.