malcolm gladwell

David and Goliath

Oct 25, 2013
Malcolm Gladwell's new book explores "lopsided conflicts," though he warns us that "we consistently get these kinds of conflicts wrong. … Giants are not what we think they are," and we often mistake privilege for strength."Giants are not what we think they are," Malcolm Gladwell tells us in his new book. And we often mistake privilege for strength.
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Tylenol’s Dangers Revealed Thanks to Investigative Journalism

Oct 7, 2013
ProPublica's series on the dangers of the acetaminophen found in Tylenol highlights the importance of investigative work; a poem written by an Alexandrian poet in 1898 about the government's idleness is extremely relevant these days; meanwhile, research shows apologizing, even for something outside your control, establishes trust. These discoveries and more after the jump.