loan modification

Obama Housing Plans vs. Reality

Feb 15, 2012
The Obama administration recently unveiled a string of proposals to help struggling homeowners and get the housing market back on its feet. Here are the latest of them, whether they are anything new and whether they stand a chance of going anywhere.
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Homeowners Say Banks Not Following Rules for Loan Modifications

Jan 15, 2010
The administration set a goal of helping up to 4 million homeowners through the $75 billion mortgage modification program, but banks appear to have created unnecessary hurdles that, in some instances, violate the loan program’s rules.The $75 billion mortgage modification program is supposed to be a win-win, but some banks appear to be skirting the rules.

Not Really a Lifeline for Homeowners?

Sep 2, 2009
John Dunbar of the Center for Public Integrity has analyzed the Obama administration's home loan modification program, which aims to keep troubled borrowers in their homes, and finds it "highly problematic."Analyst John Dunbar finds the administration's home loan modification program "highly problematic."