lehman brothers

Socialism for the Super-Rich

Sep 17, 2008
Here we go again: The Federal Reserve is bailing out another tanking financial institution -- the insurance behemoth American International Group -- by sinking $85 billion into AIG in return for a stake in the company. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for a Wall Street investigation following this latest startling agreement between big government and big business.

Obama’s Secret Weapon

Sep 16, 2008
While it’s fashionable for the media and some of his own supporters to be mourning the demise of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, they may well be overlooking an important point—that the vaunted McCain-Palin ticket has peaked. What else but such blind optimism could be motivating the unflagging energy of thousands of Obama grass-roots workers?
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Candidates Debate Economy as Banks Fail

Sep 15, 2008
While John McCain took heat for reasserting that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong," two of the five biggest American investment banks folded on Monday Bank of America bought out troubled Merrill Lynch while Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy Update: Another big one stumbles.