john feffer

Donald Trump Against the World

Jan 25, 2017
For all their international experience, the new president and his appointees care about the planet the way pornographers care about sex.

On the Verge of the Great Unraveling: The View From 2050

Nov 11, 2015
As everyone now knows, the spirit of integration imbued in international trade pacts would go down to defeat as the bloodlands of the 20th century gave way to the splinterlands of the 21st. The sense of disintegration and disunity that settled over our world came at precisely the wrong moment. We needed more unity, not less.

The Star Trek Fallacy

Sep 17, 2015
Might it have been better for the universe as a whole if the Enterprise had never left earth and earth hadn’t meddled in matters beyond its own solar system? As our country contemplates future military interventions, as well as ambitious efforts to someday colonize other planets, Americans would be smart to address this fundamental question.
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The Collapse of Europe?

Jan 29, 2015
The European project is teetering on the edge of failure. Growth is anemic at best and socio-economic inequality is on the rise. The countries of Eastern and Central Europe, even relatively successful Poland, have failed to bridge the income gap with the richer half of the continent. And the highly indebted periphery is in revolt.

The Pacific Pivot

Jan 30, 2014
The administration's much-vaunted pivot looks ever more like a divot -- a swing, a miss, and a hole in the ground rather than anything approaching a hole-in-one.

Dumb and Dumber

Sep 6, 2012
President Obama's version of “smart power” has been anything but smart. It has maintained imperial overstretch at self-destructive expense, infuriated strategic competitors like China, hardened the position of adversaries like Iran and North Korea, and tried the patience of even longtime allies in Europe and Asia.