Consider the Source

Mar 1, 2009
Now a lot of folk will go along with the line that the Holy Father is so stupid -- so utterly out of touch with Planet Earth -- that he has no idea how disastrously his actions are received. Hmmm. Well, I wonder.

Al-Qaida’s No. 2 Blasts Iran

Sep 9, 2008
Just before the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, al-Qaida has released a lengthy videotape featuring the group's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, providing updates about how the holy war is faring around the globe and laying into Iran for "cooperating with the Americans" and with the American-approved governments in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Bush’s Holy War

Sep 16, 2007
In this thought-provoking opinion piece from the UK's Daily Mail newspaper, writer Correlli Barnett points out how, in waging his own brand of holy war, Bush (and, by extension, former British PM Tony Blair) failed to comprehend crucial lessons about war that historical examples have repeatedly borne out.

CNN’s Iraq Reporter Warns of White House Spin

Jul 19, 2007
Could the Bush administration be invoking the ominous specter of al-Qaida -- and suggesting the extremist group is gathering strength and preparing to strike -- for political reasons? CNN's Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware says Americans should watch out for rhetorical sleight of hand from the White House concerning the current threat level and the newly unveiled National Intelligence Estimate.

Friedman Jumps on the Antiwar Bandwagon

Aug 5, 2006
Tom Friedman, the NY Times columnist whose Mideast and Iraq war analyses formed the "conventional thinking" for centrists and lefties the world 'round, has thrown in the towel on his three-year-long support of the Iraq war: "It is now obvious that we are not midwifing democracy in Iraq We are baby-sitting a civil war" (more) .