jean quan

L.A. Mayor Gives Occupiers an Eviction Notice

Nov 26, 2011
It's not like Los Angeles' slickster Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa would have missed out on that multicity conference call that Oakland's Jean Quan squeaked about to the press So it's not surprising that on Friday, as he visited the Occupy LA encampment to pay tribute to the spirit of the movement (more).
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Oakland Police: ‘We, Too, Are the 99%’

Nov 2, 2011
The Oakland Police Officer's Association announced "we are confused" in an open letter to the city's residents Tuesday The letter blames Mayor Jean Quan for ordering the clearing of the Occupy Oakland encampment that resulted in a young Iraq War veteran's brain injury and national attention.

Occupy Oakland Defies Mayor, Pitches Camp

Oct 28, 2011
Do the mayors of, say, Oakland, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles have each other on speed dial this week? That's kind of what it looked like, with tensions between those city leaders, aided by creative interpretations of public property regulations, and their respective Occupy movements ratcheting up this week. Updated