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Truth or Consequences

Mar 4, 2008
We got snookered. Motoko Rich of The New York Times reports in her article posted March 4 that the just-published "memoir" by Margaret B. Jones, called "Love and Consequences," about Jones' "life as a half-white, half-Native American girl growing up in South-Central Los Angeles as a foster child among gang-bangers, running drugs for the Bloods," is a fabrication.
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New York Times Roundup

Feb 5, 2006
The Gray Lady publishes a slew of important and underreported stories its Saturday edition: Two federal courts strike down the Partial Birth Abortion Act because it doesn't have an exception for the life of the mother Yahoo and AOL are going to introduce digital postage stamps that companies can buy to ensure delivery of their e-mail Most Internet users have no idea how easy it is for courts to get ahold of their personal information The personal savings rate of Americans falls below zero for the first time since the Great Depression Now James Frey's editor says that he, too, was fooled by the fabricating fabulist.

Frey’s Note Both Accepts and Ducks Blame

Feb 2, 2006
The "Million Little Pieces" memoirist appears to apologize in an author's note But he still tries to push that "subjective truth" crap Hey James, feelings are subjective; thoughts are subjective; calling a two-hour stay in jail "three months" is objectively BSstory / Frey's note or publisher's note (both pdf files)Also, Warner Bros may back out of the film version | story .

Frey Won’t Pen Memoir About Faking His Memoir

Jan 28, 2006
Fabulist James Frey says on an unaired segment of Oprah that he won't seek to cash in on his lies. | storyWe applaud his promise. In the meantime, should we be surprised if his new book, "My Friend Leonard," turns out to be ridden with mere "essential truths"?Also, see a clip of Frey's Oprah appearance: video (Internet Explorer req'd)

Oprah Turns on Frey

Jan 26, 2006
In a radical reversal, the talk show host drops her loyalty to Frey on live television and says he "betrayed millions of readers." During an interview the author admits fictions and confesses that he "made a mistake." | story