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A Lifelong Activist Sheds His Name

Jan 9, 2018
Meet Sluggo. With the new moniker, the author no longer has to clarify that he's "not the Hurricane, not Weinstein, no relation to Debbie Schultz."

Nude in Black and White

Oct 15, 2011
I thought about Susan Dey and blisters and being a hippie last Thursday when I found myself driving around outside the Air and Space Museum looking for a place to park. I was in D.C. for the purpose of lending my body and rancor to the Occupy Wall Street protesters gathering in Freedom Plaza for their first day of rabble-rousing.There was no nuance as far as the eye could see.

Blah Blah Blah

Jun 10, 2011
I suddenly started to worry that the only threat hippies might pose to the dominant culture nowadays was the personal-injury lawsuits they were likely to file from accidental falls due to uneven pavement. “I’m gathering my wa,” he said, his eyes closed like he was Charlie Parker listening to the bebop rhythms of the universe, his mind awash in Gravy.

Peace Sign Turns 50

Mar 20, 2008
It started as a rallying image for the British anti-nuclear movement in the late '50s and went on to become one of the world's most instantly recognizable -- and widely adopted -- symbols. But did you know that the iconic peace sign was originally derived from the semaphore alphabet?