great depression

Chairman Bernanke Explains It All

Jul 27, 2009
On Sunday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke met the media, or at least PBS "NewsHour" anchor Jim Lehrer, along with some concerned citizens of Kansas City, Mo., to discuss how the Fed has dealt with the ongoing economic catastrophe over the past few months.

90-Year-Old Madoff Client Goes Back to Work

Feb 28, 2009
Even though this CBS report seems to want to make a feel-good story out of this one, it's more the stuff of nightmares, despite 90-year-old Ian Thiermann's good-natured take on his fate. After being retired for 30 years, Thiermann discovered that he'd lost his entire retirement fund due to Bernie Madoff's shenanigans, and now Thiermann is working for $10 an hour in a California supermarket.
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The Battle for Obama’s Economic Soul

Oct 22, 2008
Instead of running with the "European socialist" crowd, as John McCain has claimed, Barack Obama has turned to the same American “free market” elite that views government as merely a corporate subsidiary. Even within that group, however, there are serious splits, and the more enlightened side seems to be winning.

New York Times Roundup

Feb 5, 2006
The Gray Lady publishes a slew of important and underreported stories its Saturday edition: Two federal courts strike down the Partial Birth Abortion Act because it doesn't have an exception for the life of the mother Yahoo and AOL are going to introduce digital postage stamps that companies can buy to ensure delivery of their e-mail Most Internet users have no idea how easy it is for courts to get ahold of their personal information The personal savings rate of Americans falls below zero for the first time since the Great Depression Now James Frey's editor says that he, too, was fooled by the fabricating fabulist.