great american stickup

So Long, Summers

Sep 22, 2010
Finally! The announced departure of Lawrence Summers as the president’s top economic adviser is welcome news Harvard’s loss in taking back its $586,996-a-year professor and “president emeritus,” who is also paid millions by Wall Street on the side, is the nation’s gain.
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Robert Scheer Talks Economic Crisis

Sep 18, 2010
In appearances on MSNBC and KCRW, Truthdig Editor Robert Scheer is coming out with rhetorical guns blazing to talk about the economic crisis, Wall Street pandering, and the culpability of both parties in all of it.

‘The Great American Stickup’: How Wall Street Occupied Washington

Sep 15, 2010
The big cop-out in much of what has been written about the banking meltdown has been the argument by those most complicit that there was "enough blame to go around" and that no institution or individual should be singled out for accountability. "How could we have known?" is the refrain of those who continue to pose as all-knowing experts.The big cop-out of the banking meltdown is that no institution or individual should be singled out for accountability.

Amy Goodman Interviews Robert Scheer About ‘The Great American Stickup’

Sep 7, 2010
We've heard about the robber barons on Wall Street who brought on our current economic crisis, but they couldn't have done it without the help of key political players like Bill Clinton, for one, as Robert Scheer tells Amy Goodman in this "Democracy Now!" interview about his new book.Amy Goodman talks with Truthdig's Robert Scheer about Wall Street's robber barons and Scheer's new book in this "Democracy Now!" interview.