French Students Turning to Sex Work?

Nov 1, 2006
France's leading students union estimates that some 40,000 students have taken up prostitution to fund their studies French police are disputing the report, saying prostitutes are posing as students (Via BloggerNews) Also: Check out the battle in the Italian gov't over transvestite bathroom rights.

Renewed Violence in France

Oct 26, 2006
Authorities are scrambling to address a possible resurgence of violence after two buses were torched near Paris on Wednesday. Last year's civil unrest led to the destruction of some 9,000 vehicles in and around the city.

Families Demand Compensation for WWII Deportations

Aug 29, 2006
More than 200 families have threatened the French state railway with legal action if it refuses to compensate them for its role in transporting relatives to death camps during WWII. The railway companies argue they were forced to carry out the deportations, though a court in June sided with victims' families.
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Italy Bails Out France

Aug 22, 2006
Italy's prime minister has tentatively offered to take the leadership role in Lebanon's peacekeeping mission with a deployment of 3,000 troops. France, which was to lead the mission, has offered only 200 troops after expressing concern over the force's mandate.

U.N. and Israel OK Peace Deal; Lebanon in Favor

Aug 12, 2006
The UN Security Council adopted a resolution that calls for an end to the war between Israel and Hezbollah and authorizes 15,000 U peacekeepers to help Lebanese troops take control of south Lebanon as Israel withdraws Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert endorsed the deal, and the Lebanese cabinet looks set to do so as well.

Tour de France Winner Flunks Drug Test

Jul 27, 2006
Floyd Landis tested positive for high levels of testosterone, which Landis claims is either a mistake or the result of natural bodily processes. He was tested after his near-superhuman comeback win on an Alpine stage of the race, which the New York Times called perhaps the greatest single-day push in Tour history. If this accusation proves true, Wheaties may have to find a new cover boy.