And Now, a Word About ‘Czar’ Mythology

Sep 28, 2009
Certain prominent media figures who shall remain nameless are getting all worked up about President Obama's "czars" and, having latched onto this term as fodder for a little old-fashioned partisan punditry, are busy freaking out their followers with sinister socialist imagery -- but let's take a good look at the recent history of this term in American politics, shall we?
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Fact-Checking Obama’s Health Care Speech

Sep 12, 2009
When emotions run high about certain hot-button issues, good judgment can fall by the wayside, and facts can get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, the helpful researchers at FactCheck.org are around to round them up again, as they've done here with President Obama's health care speech.

Fact-Checking the ACORN Flap

Oct 19, 2008
Not a moment too soon, here's FactCheck.org's assessment of the recent hullabaloo over ACORN, the beleaguered community organization that has been yanked into the epicenter of the election battle since Team McCain seized upon it as a Campaign Talking Point™.

McCain Campaign Lies About Lies

Sep 11, 2008
It's time to start using the L-word when referring to John McCain and his campaign for the presidency. Misleading doesn't quite capture the hypocritical use of distortions to make your opponent appear dishonest, as McCain's latest ad attempts.