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Weekly Video Roundup

Mar 17, 2007
Our collection of favorite videos this week includes Sen. Chuck Schumer nailing the Bush administration on the firing of U.S. attorneys, the Discovery Channel drooling over a weapon that kills Americans, and "The Simpsons" dressing down Fox News.

Judge Throws Out Terror Case

Dec 14, 2006
A judge in Pakistan has dropped the terrorism charges against one of the alleged leaders of the London airline bomb plot. Britain, undeterred by the ruling in favor of Rashid Rauf, says it will move ahead with its case against co-conspiracy suspects in its custody.

Bombs Are Mileposts on Road to Civil War

Aug 17, 2006
More roadside bombs were planted in July than in any other month during the Iraq war, indicating a sharp rise in violence as the country moves toward all-out civil war. According to data obtained by The New York Times, 2,625 devices either exploded or were discovered in July, compared with 1,454 in January.

Mixing Explosive Liquids in a Crowd

Aug 11, 2006
Like, we don't know, but it may be a bad idea to combine potentially explosive liquids in trash bins near big crowds (h/t: Boing Boing) Also, John at AMERICAblog wants to know: If liquid explosives were suspected back in a 1995 plane bombing plot, why have liquids been allowed on planes since then, and now suddenly they're not? .

First Snakes, Now Liquids (on a Plane)

Aug 10, 2006
It was looking like snakes were going to be the biggest threat to planes this summer, but energy drink bottles filled with explosive liquids turned out to be the real problem Check out the TSA's hours-old official ban on liquids on planes Update #1: The terrorists were apparently "planning to smuggle hydrogen peroxide-based liquid/slurry explosives" (whatever that is) in the bottles, according to U News Update #2Someone came up with a fitting graphic (above).