debt crisis
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The Debt Ceiling Circus: The Show Must Go On

Oct 19, 2013
Rather than resolving the debt crisis, lawmakers' 11th-hour deal to raise the debt ceiling, which threatened to push the global economy over the edge, simply delayed it Financial Times chief economics commentator, Martin Wolf, tells Bill Moyers the US debt ceiling is “the legislative equivalent of a nuclear bomb aimed by the U at itself”.

British Journalist Squares Off Against Former Goldman Partner

Nov 24, 2011
A rich banker who appears to have learned none of the lessons of 20th-century economic history A newscaster who snickers at an impassioned argument And a reporter dismissed as a young girl who will one day learn better This exchange between a former Goldman Sachs executive, a BBC correspondent and British journalist Laurie Penny (more)This exchange has the makings of an iconic moment for a generation struggling against a class that simply won’t listen.