The Power of Protest Music Contest

Oct 13, 2011
Here at the Truthdig office, we've been listening a lot to Ry Cooder's new album, "Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down." With songs like "No Banker Left Behind," which was inspired by a column by our own Robert Scheer, the album is refreshingly political, with roots in the tradition of protest music. Here's your chance to win a copy. (more)
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Elbow Your Way to Glory in the DNC Press Pool!

Jul 12, 2008
Accompanied by a thumping beat and quasi-techno keyboard riffs from somewhere around 1993, DNC Chairman Howard Dean stiffly reads a script off the teleprompter announcing a thrilling contest that'll give one lucky camera-wielding Democrat the chance to spend a day in the presidential campaign cattle pen press pool.

Google Goes to the Moon

Sep 14, 2007
If you can build an intelligent robot that can land safely on the moon and send back HD video by 2012, Google will give you $20 million. The search giant has partnered with the X Prize Foundation, which organizes contests around major technological breakthroughs, for its lunar challenge.

Microsoft’s Global Warming Game Contest

Jun 12, 2007
College-age video game enthusiasts can now claim their gaming habits may help save the world. Microsoft is launching a contest this summer, the Xbox 360 Games for Change Challenge, offering cash and other prizes to whiz kids who dedicate their game design skills to the cause of global warming

Dying to Play the Wii

Jan 16, 2007
A mother of three in California has died of water intoxication after participating in a local radio station contest. Participants competed by drinking large quantities of water without urinating in an effort to win a Nintendo Wii video game system. If ever there was confirmation that America's consumerism is out of control, this is it.

Jews Fight Fire with Satire

Feb 16, 2006
In the wake of an Iranian newspaper's cartoon contest to mock the Holocaust, an Israeli cartoonist is asking Jewish artists to draw anti-Semitic cartoons themselves. We wonder: Is this sort of like African Americans reclaiming the N-word as their own?